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Felix Binsack
Owns: 817359  

At age15 to 18 I made an apprenticeship as a car mechanic at VW in Germany, went back to school and drove 3 Triumph convertibles at the age 18 to 22. Then studied economics and founded a Software services company. At age 57 I felt the urge to own, drive and work on a classic British convertible again. My choice was a XK140DHC. It has many technical improvements over the 120 and I love the practical wind up windows and the luxurious wood and the chrome.

Updated July 18th, 2022. Not legal proof of ownership.

Fernando Guerrero
Owns: 670137  

Born September 4 1980 in the Philippines, I got my passion for classic cars at a young age watching my dad restore and collect classic cars.

Updated September 8th, 2009. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: S674608  

Updated December 22nd, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: S681354  

Updated October 18th, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.
Owns: 672774  

Updated February 7th, 2018. Not legal proof of ownership.